Power Carrier Program

Join uShip’s elite carriers – get exclusive service, benefits and on-site recognition.

The Power Carrier program rewards uShip’s elite carriers based on the quality and volume of service they provide on the site.

Benefits to All Power Carriers
  • Recognition Throughout uShip - Power Carriers get an icon next to their username, as well as a seal on their profile.
  • VIP Support – Get prioritized customer support and technical help.
  • Payoneer Fee Rebates – You will receive a rebate for the monthly fee as well as the load fee for withdrawals from your uShip account to your Payoneer card. Rebates will be processed the first week of each month and will be credited directly to your Payoneer card.
  • Invite to uShip Office – If you’re going to be in the Austin, TX, area, schedule a visit. We’re always happy to meet you and get your face-to-face feedback.
  • Special Offers – We are always negotiating with third party firms to bring you discounts and other exclusive offers.
Tiered Power Carrier Benefits
  • Free Mobile Device Service – We’ll cover talk, text and data service so you can use the uShip App from the road or cover your wi-fi hotspot service. Learn more.
  • Free Mobile Devices – Our top tier of Power Carriers is eligible for free mobile devices.
  • Free Streaming Service – You also have the option of free service from Netflix.
Power Carrier Benefits
Disclaimer: If the total value of benefits received during the year exceeds $600.00, you will be issued a 1099-MISC. uShip will notify you as you approach the value threshold, and you will have the option to forgo further benefits at that point.
Power Carrier Qualifications
  • Be a uShip user for at least 90 days.
  • Use a Carrier account type.
  • Feedback rating of at least 20.
  • 95% or higher positive feedback.
  • Leave at least as much feedback as you receive.
  • Keep your account in good financial standing.
  • Average a minimum of $1,000 in shipping volume per month over the previous three month period (see chart above for specific thresholds). Volume is defined as the sum of all your accepted quote prices per month.
  • Uphold all uShip community values, including honesty, timeliness and respect for other members.
  • Comply with all uShip quoting and marketplace policies.
  • Must be monitored by SaferWatch to receive volume credit for all loads. Carriers that are not monitored will still receive volume credit for loads in the following categories:
  • Power Carrier CarrierWatch Categories
  • For Broker/Carriers, any load that is relisted as a brokered load will not count toward your Power Carrier benefits.
  • Must book at least 1 load per month during the trailing 3 month period (category exemption rules do apply).
  • Meet excessive cancellation requirements. Learn more.