How to Use uShip
Ways to meet your shipping needs on uShip
Choose from a variety of ways to get your stuff shipped through the world's largest online shipping marketplace.
List your stuff on our marketplace to start receiving quotes from 1,345,000 transportation service providers looking to save you over 50% on your shipping costs.
Browse through over 1,345,000 feedback-rated transportation service providers based on specialization, geographic location, or feedback. Request a quote from any service provider!
Find out exactly how much you can save! The uShip Shipping Calculator gives you real shipping prices paid in the marketplace for shipments matching your category, origin and destination ZIP codes.
Tools for shipping
Check out the full suite of tools available to help you with all your shipping needs. Use tools that help you integrate your uShip listings with some of your other favorite sites like eBay, or help you protect your valuables during transport. We are dedicated to building or partnering with other companies to make sure that you have the best uShip experience possible.
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Learn more about shipping on uShip
Learn more about how and why uShip is the best way to move your stuff. View shipments, read feedback, and explore our tutorials.
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